Adjustable Floatless Toilet Tank Repair Kit

Adjustable Floatless Toilet Tank Repair Kit



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Vendor: pettigrew-online


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  • The Toilet Tank Repair Kit May Fix Noisy Toilets, Toilets That Continually Run And Waste Water, Toilets That Are Leaking From The Tank And Toilets That Are Slow To Refill The Tank And Bowl
  • Fill Valve Comes With A Hard Chemically Resistant Seal At The Top Of The Valve That Can Be Cleaned With Your Finger
  • Fill Valve Has An Easy Green Twist-Lock To Help Control Height Of The Fill Valve
  • Fill Valve Has A Push Bottom Adjustable Water Level Bucket
  • Flush Valve Has A Quick Adjust Center Tube That Lifts Up To Adjust
  • Adjustable From 9-1/2 - 13-1/2 In