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Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide is an algaecide from Applied Biocheists, capable of quickly clearing acres of troublesome bottom growing algae, particulary Chara, Nitella, Filamentous, and Hydrilla. When under control, algae is serves a useful purpose in their environments, from stabilizing sediments to providing food for fish, birds, and other aquatic life. However, algae can grow out of control, interfering with recreational uses of the affected area as well as hurting the resident aquatic life. That is where Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide comes in, offering 5 to 6 weeks of algae control. When treating the body of water, only treat 1/3 of the area at a time to avoid oxygen depletion of the water, which could be fatal to the fish population. Safe to use with no water use restrictions when used as directed on the label. Use Cutrine Plus for clear and clean water

This one, the granular form, is ideal for bottom growing filamentous algae, Chara and Nitella. Liquid version must be diluted prior to use while the granular form is ready to use.