Diamond Crystal Green Melt, 50lb

Diamond Crystal Green Melt, 50lb



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Magnesium Chloride, Sodium, Calcium


Green-tinted, high-performance ice melt product contains blend of sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides for faster, colder temperature melting than regular rock salt It works down to negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit This ice melt is commercially balanced to give sidewalk and parking lot crews a critical 20-minute jump start from its calcium chloride, coupled with 60-plus minutes of extended melting action from its sodium chloride It is green-tinted for easy-to-see coverage on ice and packed snow Greenmelt is formulated for minimal-to-no staining when used as directed


  • Easy to see with green tint
  • Professional strength
  • Fast-acting melter
  • Blend of salt and calcium chloride to enhance effectiveness