Dynatrap Twist-On Insect Trap, 11" X 12" 1/2 Acre

Dynatrap Twist-On Insect Trap, 11" X 12" 1/2 Acre



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Lets You Take Back Your Yard Without The Need For Chemicals, Pesticides Or Propane. Attract, Trap And Kill Flying Insects Including Mosquitoes, Biting Flies, Asian Beetles, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Moths, Stink Bugs And More.

Protects Up To 1/2 Acre. Durable, All-Weather Construction. Odor Free. A UV Fluorescent Bulb Generates A Warm Light, Attracting Insects. Then A Second Lure Produces CO2 (The Same Gas We Emit When We Exhale) That Attracts The Insects.

Third, A Powerful, Yet Whisper Quiet Vacuum Fan Sucks Insects Into The Retaining Cage Where They Dehydrate And Die. A Unique Twist On/Off Feature Ensures That Any Insects Still Alive In The Retaining Cage Will Not Escape When The Trap Is Turned Off.