Paint And Pesticide Half Mask Respirator

Paint And Pesticide Half Mask Respirator




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Featuring Superior Activated Carbon Cartridges And Large Surface Area Prefilters Which Are Designed As Small, Collapsed Conically Shaped Filters. Soft Blue Material Is Both Lightweight And Molded In A Unique, Nosebridge Style That Helps The Respirator Fit Users Better In The Nose Area And Adapts Better To Users? Faces. Approved By NIOSH Under The NIOSH 42 CFR 84 Respirator Certification Regulations, Approved To The R95/OV Category; R95 Filters Are At Least 95 Percent Efficient Against Oil Based Contaminants, And Resist Degradation For At Least An 8 Hour Shift. The OV Classification Means That The Respirator Is Also Approved For Organic Vapors