Pc-11 Epoxy Paste 2oz

Pc-11 Epoxy Paste 2oz



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Product type: Unknown Type

Vendor: pettigrew-online


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Cures Wet, Dry Or Underwater. Use As An Adhesive With Wood, Metals, Glass, Brick, Rubber, Concrete, Stone, Slate, Hard Plastic, Fiberglass Or Tile; Sealant On Oil, Gas And Water Tanks, Gas Liners, Pressure Tanks, Plumbing, Swimming Pools, Cellars, Drains, Underwater Lights And Stock Tanks; Filler For Holes, Castings, Patterns, Molds, Voids And Welds.

Normally No Vice Or Clamp Needed. 30-40 Minute Working Time At 70 Degrees Fahrenheit. 90 Minutes Tack Free, Overnight For Service, 1-2 Weeks For Max Cure Time. Nonconductive, -20 To 200 Degrees Fahrenheit Temperature Range. Chemical Resistance To Mild Acids, Caustics, Detergents, Gas, Fuel Oil, Salt And Fresh Water. 1,710 Psi Tensile Shear Strength. 72 Hardness Shore D After 1 Week Of Curing.