PC-Metal Fast-Setting Moldable Epoxy Putty 2oz

PC-Metal Fast-Setting Moldable Epoxy Putty 2oz



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 For Emergency Automotive And Plumbing Repairs Of Gas Tanks, Radiators, Holes Or Dents. Use On Drums, Steel Doors, Tanks, Pipes, Wherever Metal Is Missing, Dented Or Broken. Hand Mixed With 3 Minute Working Time. Cures In 30-60 Minutes. May Be Sanded, Drilled, Sawed And Painted After Set.

Nonconductive With -20 To 300 Degrees Fahrenheit (-29 To 150 Degrees Celsius) Temperature Range When Cured. No Sag, No Drip. Resistant To Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Alcohols, Esters, Aqueous Salt Solutions, Halocarbons, And Dilute Acids And Bases. 900 Psi Tensile Shear Strength. 75-85 Hardness Shore D After 1 Week Of Curing. Packed In Resealable, Air-Tight Plastic Cylinder