Peet Boot Boot Dryer, Double

Peet Boot Boot Dryer, Double



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Get all the performance of the Original Peet Dryer with twice the capability in the Multi-Peet® Boot Dryer. Using the same thermal convection drying system as the standard Peet dryer, this easy-to-use dryer dries sweat and moisture from hunting boots, big and small. In addition to the greater comfort of a dry boot, this gentle and silent drying method Neutrlizes odors caused by perspiration and bacteria and removes contaminants like viruses and mold that cause skin irritation and deterioration. Great for all types of materials, from leather, rubber, synthetics, to performance waterproof fabrics, this system also extends the life of your waders or boots by fighting mold and mildew growth that can attack the boot. Dryer comes with Peets' patented DryPorts™ that circulate air through the boot for thorough drying. Dimentions: 24" H x 13" W x 8" L. Made in USA.