Pennington Smart Seed Sun & Shade Grass Seed

Pennington Smart Seed Sun & Shade Grass Seed



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For A Healthier, Thicker Lawn That Requires Up To 30 Percent Less Water. Grows A Denser, Deeper Root System. Maximizes Fertilizer Performance.

  • Provides The Most Versatile Lawn In Sunny To Moderately Shady Areas
  • Produces A Thick, Fine-Bladed, Dark Blue-Green Lawn
  • Very Good Drought Tolerance
  • Good Disease And Insect Resistance
  • Contains Improved Seed Varieties That Thrive In Sun And Shade
  • Seed Mix Changes For Different Regions Of The Country, Providing A Grass Seed Specifically Formulated For The Different Climatic Zones
  • Contains Pennington’s Exclusive MYCO Advantage Technology
  • Contains Pennington’s Exclusive Penkote Technology