Pennington Smart Seed, Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Pennington Smart Seed, Tall Fescue Grass Seed



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For A Healthier, Thicker Lawn That Requires 30 Percent Less Water. Maximizes Fertilizer Performance. Grows A Denser, Deeper Root System.

  • Grows A Beautiful Fine-Textured Lawn
  • Maintains A Deep Green Color Throughout The Growing Season
  • Contains Improved Heat-, Drought- And Disease-Resistant Varieties
  • Lower-Growing Blend Requiring Less Mowing Than Common Fescues
  • Cool-Season, Aggressive, Perennial Bunchgrass That Develops A Uniform Sod As It Matures
  • Adapts To A Wide Range Of Soils, Including Poorly Drained Areas
  • Contains Pennington’s Exclusive MYCO Advantage Technology
  • Contains Pennington’s Exclusive Penkote Technology