Protective Epoxy Paste 2oz

Protective Epoxy Paste 2oz



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Use As An Adhesive With Woods, Metals, Glass, Brick, Block, Rubber, Concrete, Stone, Slate, Hard Plastic, Fiberglass Or Tile; Use As A Sealant On Oil, Gas And Water Tanks, Cellar, Pressure Tanks Or Plumbing; Filler For Holes, Castings, Patterns, Molds, Voids, Welds, Steering Wheels And More.

Normally No Vise Or Clamp Is Needed. 60 Minutes Max Working Time At 70 Degrees Fahrenheit. 160 Minutes Tack Free, Overnight For Service, 1-2 Weeks For Max Cure Time. Chemical Resistance To Mild Acids, Caustics, Detergents, Gas, Fuel Oil, Salt And Fresh Water. Nonconductive, -20 To 200 Degrees (-29 To 93 Degrees Celsius) Temperature Range. 2,150 Psi Tensile Shear Strength. 76 Hardness Shore D After 1 Week Of Curing