Sugar Beet Crush Deer Lick 4lb.

Sugar Beet Crush Deer Lick 4lb.



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Deer love sugar beets, but hunters don’t love trying to find them. These sweet eats are incredibly effective at attracting and drawing in deer. The problem is they grow seasonally and only in certain regions – making them hard or even impossible for some hunters to find. Well, Wildgame Innovations™ decided to make the impossible possible with an ultra-concentrated attractant that combines real sugar beets and roasted soybeans. 

The Sugar Beet CRUSH® series comes with all kinds of attraction power to draw deer to your property all year long. Grab a 5-LB if you want to start seeing big racks; the powdered attractant comes chock-full of protein and fat to build strong, healthy deer. For mineral sites, go for the Lick-N-Brick® or Juiced. These attractants time-release minerals with long-range aromas that stick around for weeks. Satisfy your favorite buck’s sweet tooth with Sugar Beet CRUSH.