Why Women Love Their Local Hardware Store

Why Women Love Their Local Hardware Store

Most women naturally gravitate towards DIY home solutions, being natural caretakers and all.  They want to create a safe, comfortable, and attractive place to live, so the fact that men are stereotyped as the only ones who love hardware stores is not only sexist, it’s downright fraudulent.  You see, women may not be the most prolific plumbers, electricians, or construction workers (although, there are plenty out there), but they sure do love fixing and improving their homes just as much as men.

The experience of walking into a store like Pettigrew Feed & Hardware (http://pettigrew-online.com/) is akin to walking through a home and garden magazine or a favorite DIY’er blog and seeing all the potential upgrades that could be done to the home, lined up on rows of shelves.

A Woman’s Touch
Shopping at a place like Pettigrew Feed & Hardware, women can’t help but start thinking of ways to spruce up an old shelf with some paint, maybe start a little herb garden, or get a multi-tool set to go to town on a room that needs remodeling.  At your local hardware store, the prices are much more accessible and the selection is often way more inspired than the big brands.

Of course, women aren’t just preoccupied with decorative upgrades, either.  The local hardware store is the perfect place to start honing your skills with more involved repairs, like toilet gaskets, electrical outlets, thermostats, faucets, and insulation.  It’s much easier to deal with local businesses, as they will never steer you wrong for the sake of making a buck.

Green Thumbs
Gardening doesn’t come easy for a lot of people, even though women are often thought to be better at it than men.  Pettigrew Feed & Hardware is a great place for any size gardening project.  Fight against pests, invasive plants, learn how to irrigate, seed better plants, improve soil quality, and purchase all the equipment you need to garden like a pro.  And the best part?  Women can feel comfortable knowing they are getting the best deals on their gardening supplies.

Having a local hardware store is great for women who are unfamiliar around the home improvement space.  Helpful staff provide friendly and valuable information, can help you pick out paint for the bathroom, or assist you with any DIY repairs to make sure you have the confidence to tackle any project by yourself.  Because women can do anything, they just need equal opportunity.

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